The History of Henry's Restaurant


The original Henry's was out 76 West where the Bulldog Tavern is today. It was called Henry's Place and opened in 1961 and Henry sold his famous Henry's Burgers and beer. When he first opened, Papa Henry would drive to Atlanta to get the best quality of meat and was selling a case of hamburgers a day (a case had 40 patties). Once the business was going good, Papa Henry was selling three cases on a slow day. Everybody said what made Henry's Burgers so special was the sauce he used and the way he would layer this sauce with all the fixings.

Eventually Henry's Place outgrew the little 900 square foot building and relocated to our current location, is 1957 Hwy. 441 S. Clayton, GA. 30525. Henry's Restaurant, that we all know today, was designed by Papa Henry. He never had a challenge that he couldn't solve with some ingenuity

Papa Henry was a big man in every way, from his towering height to his outspoken disposition. A person always knew where he stood with Papa Henry. His wife Allene, was the yeng to his yang. In other words, she would reel him back in when he was spending to much money or something along those lines

Allene or "Nanny", as we called  her was the foundation for Henry's Restaurant. She always, kept a cool level head but if you ever got past her point, "Katie bar the door", because she would put you in place as quick as lightening, Papa Henry and Nanny ran this restaurant with love, passion, and pure dedication for serving the best food and conversation in Rabun County. Papa Henry took pride in saying every plate that came out of that kitchen was prepared as if he was going to sit down and eat it himself.

Henry's Restaurant, we know today, was built in February 1972 with the help of some great family friends. Papa Henry added a full menu and opened for dinner. Henry's Restaurant offered the famous "Henry Burger" along with fresh caught trout, steaks and seafood.

Today, Henry's Restaurant is known for our fried chicken and all homemade veggies and desserts. Henry's Restaurant proudly uses very little canned or frozen foods, "because you don't get those fresh tasting notes that you do from fresh picked fruits and veggies."

It's impressive to everyone that Henry's Restaurant can close for three months and as soon as the door is opened, the restaurant is packed. This is a true testimony to the quality of food and customer service that is given to every single person that sits down at a table. Everyone who comes to Henry's enjoys an excellent country lunch from recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation and some are family secrets.

Today, Henry and Allene's daughter, Lynn runs the restaurant and Lynn holds the same passion and dedication that her mother and father held and believed. You see there is a lot more to saying something is "homemade and made from scratch". To Lynn being homemade is how to recombine things to make a delicious meal.

Henry's Restaurant has been owned and operated by family and friends since 1972 and we continue that tradition way into the future! So Henry and Allene's family welcome you to stop and enjoy an excellent and, we must say, a special lunch with true customer service any chance you get.